Overview of the VIBRO MIXER

VIBRO MIXER(2021 Model Change)

We have improved the dispersion performance of the conventional VIBRO MIXER.

  • Compatible with low to high viscosity liquids
  • Uniform and homogenous mixing of viscosity differences (200 Pa・s: 1 mPa・s)
  • Uniform and homogenous mixing of liquids with a mixing ratio (1,000 : 1)
  • Uniform and homogenous mixing of thixotropic liquids
  • Piston flow with instant mixing (2 to 15 secs)
  • No local heat generation and no spoiling of physical properties
  • Self-cleaning is possible with the mixer vibrations
  • High performance at low cost
  • Easy to adjust production (produce the volume necessary when necessary)
  • Stable quality with continuous processing (Q by D quality control is possible)
  • Clean working environment with in-line production
  • Easy to automate to prevent troubles caused by humans
  • Minimal scrapping loss and cleaning waste liquid (reduction in production costs)
  • Simple and compact (realization of small factories)



Uni Forming (uniformity and homogenization) is the most important issue for materials which need the highest level of quality. Continuous processing without a tank is necessary to achieve Uni Forming. VIBRO MIXER, which generates powerful vortices with vibrations to ensure fine dispersion in an instant, demonstrates an astounding performance in the continuous processing of mixing, reaction, emulsification and bubbles whether with low-viscosity or high-viscosity liquids. In addition, we undertake contract production to uniformly disperse functional fine particle in high-viscosity liquids to produce paste at the world’s highest level of quality.

Device Overview

VIBRO SYSTEM : High-quality Continuous Production

VIBRO MIXER Standard Specifications

Item Model   VD35 VD65 VD100
Processing volume ℓ/hr 60 300 1000
Working viscosity (reference) Pa・s Up to 200 Up to 200 Up to 200
Approximate dimensions (W×D×H) m 0.4×0.8×1 0.6×1×1.4 0.7×1.2×1.9
Materials SUS316 and hard chromium / Sealing material: Teflon composite material

Linear Pump: High Precision

There is high accuracy feed which has almost no flow rate errors with a piston that discharges a constant flow rate without relation to the liquid viscosity or back pressure and a servo motor drive for which the flow rate can be set in a wide range.

Standard Specifications

Item Model   LPW-06 LPW-20 LPW-50 LPW-100 LPW-150
Discharge volume mℓ/m 0.1 to 8 1 to 100 10 to 1,000 45 to 4,500 150 to 15,000
Discharge pressure MPa 1 1 1 1 0.5
Corresponding viscosity Pa・s Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 100
Wetted part materials SUS304 and hard chromium / Sealing material: Teflon composite material

Application Examples

MixingDispersing and mixing of high-viscosity liquids

The system mixes various difficult to disperse and mix liquids (high-viscosity liquids, liquids liable to turn into gels and thixotropic liquids, etc.) in an accurate ratio to uniformize and homogenize them. In addition, it can adjust the production of the volume needed at the time needed [(ℓ/min.) × production time (min)]. This eliminates unnecessary inventory.

EmulsificationSharp instantaneous emulsification

The system instantaneously emulsifies low- to high-viscosity liquids. It makes sharp particles just by feeding the oil phase / water phase at the optimal emulsification conditions. It is also possible to control the particle size by changing the frequency. (*This is ideal for phase-transfer emulsification.)

Example of Particle Size Control

ReactionHigh-efficiency flow reactor

The system performs a complete reaction in an instant. It mixes the main liquid and the added liquid in an accurate ratio without relation to the changes in viscosity, temperature and back pressure that occur during the reaction to perform the reaction according to the theoretical value at high efficient. (Example: It performs a complete reaction with an amount added that is 1.1-times the theoretical value. This saves on expensive additives.) Q by D quality control is possible while improvement of the reaction process is facilitated in reactions in the flow process.

Bubble dispersionHighly porous fine bubbles

Creates independent uniform fine bubbles without degrading the physical properties of high-viscosity liquids.
Used for applications such as the weight reduction, insulation, soundproofing and vibration-proofing of automobile seats and electronic material sealing materials.

Example of Rubber Sheet Foaming

Contracted Production of Functional Paste

We undertake the contracted production of functional paste.

We utilize the dispersion technology we have accumulated to uniformly disperse functional particles of several μm to sub-microns. If you provide us with functional particles and a high viscosity liquid, we will deliver a uniformly dispersed paste.

Test Information

Continuous Mixing, Emulsification and Reaction Tests

We conduct mixing, emulsification and reaction confirmation tests as needed. We ask you to provide the materials needed at the time of the test when conducting the test.

STEP 1: Beaker test (confirm the mixing, emulsification and reactivity)
We verify the continuous test flow by confirming the mixing, dispersion, emulsification and reaction conditions of the material.
STEP 2: Continuous test (confirm quality)
We collect continuously processed products and then conduct a quality evaluation.
STEP 3: Test in your attendance
After conducting the evaluation with the continuous test, we ask you to visit our company to perform a confirmation with your attendance

Applications and Inquiries

If you would like us to conduct a test, please make an inquiry from the inquiries form. We will send you a test specifications query form by e-mail. Please complete it.

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