Test Information

Continuous Mixing, Emulsification and Reaction Tests

We conduct mixing, emulsification and reaction confirmation tests as needed. We ask you to provide the materials needed at the time of the test when conducting the test.

STEP 1: Beaker test (confirm the mixing, emulsification and reactivity)
We verify the continuous test flow by confirming the mixing, dispersion, emulsification and reaction conditions of the material.
STEP 2: Continuous test (confirm quality)
We collect continuously processed products and then conduct a quality evaluation.
STEP 3: Test in your attendance
After conducting the evaluation with the continuous test, we ask you to visit our company to perform a confirmation with your attendance

Applications and Inquiries

If you would like us to conduct a test, please make an inquiry from the inquiries form. We will send you a test specifications query form by e-mail. Please complete it.

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