Precision Reaction

The system performs a reliable continuous reaction under management with “Quality by Design”. This is done by controlling the main liquid and added liquid at a precise ratio regardless of changes that occur during the reaction (e.g., viscosity, temperature and back pressure). In addition, it is also possible to handle reactions at a high pressure and a high temperature.

Usage Examples
  • Sealant composition manufacturing (Prevention of gelation during stirring and crosslinking processes)
  • Highly efficient hydrolysis method of organopolysiloxane
  • High efficiency and high return continuous polymer reactions of polyamide composites
  • Continuous manufacturing method of organic and inorganic composite hydrogels
  • Manufacturing method of water-based polyurethane resin
  • Cosmetic material manufacturing method

Phase-transfer Emulsification

This is a high viscosity liquid and hot melt phase-transfer emulsification device. Simply inject the oil phase or water phase at the optimal ratio to emulsify in an instant to the submicron level.

Example of Particle Size Control
Example of Particle Size Control
Example of Highly Viscous Polymer Emulsification
Example of Highly Viscous Polymer Emulsification

Powder Dispersion/Dissolution

The agglomerated particles are retrieved and dispersed/mixed as single particles while being loosened with vibrations. (It does not work with powders that have a strong secondary cohesive force.) In addition, the system finely disperses coated particles while maintaining their functionality without damaging the surface.

Usage Example
  • Toning and uniform mixing with three color pigments
  • Dispersion and mixing of nano powder
  • Dispersion and mixing of semiconductor sealing materials
  • Dispersion and mixing of polymer particles
  • High-concentration dissolution of CMC and PVA

Fine Gas Dispersion

The VIBRO SYSTEM creates uniform and independent fine bubbles without deterioration to the properties of high viscosity liquids. It is used in applications for the weight reduction, heat insulation, soundproofing and vibration prevention of automobile seats and electronic materials.

Example of the Foaming of a Rubber Sheet
Example of the Foaming of a Rubber Sheet
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